Spring Sessions :
Sessions Begin the Week of April 1st – 7th.

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Dive into the world of ceramics with this six-week course covering all the basics!
Focusing on one to two skills each class, your instructor will take you through wheel throwing, hand-building, trimming techniques, surface decoration,
handles, spouts, and lids.
Week six of the session will cover all things glazing related, and provide students with the knowledge and practice to confidently take their creations to the next level
through the application and use of glaze.

Instructors: John Masello, Alex Murray, Lacie Warden, Nathan Himes, Mahaylah Elliot

Our Intermediate Ceramics Session is designed to expand upon all the knowledge and techniques learned in our Introduction to Ceramics Session and take your throwing, trimming, and glazing techniques to the next level. Throughout the six-week course students will hone their skills to confidently throw with greater consistency and height while introducing new forms and projects to master.
Students will explore: Intermediate glaze theory and techniques, donut forms, oxides, and more complex trimming techniques.

*prior wheel experience required.

Instructor: Alex Murray, John Masello, and Nathan Himes

Bread & Butter Edition:
Students will focus on making functional pottery that can be used to prep, bake and serve a variety of breads and scrumptious accompaniments that will make a statement no matter the event of circumstance. Your creations will make the perfect addition to your table and we hope will bring you joy and endless conversations in the years to come. This session will conclude with a informal pot-luck and glazing party as we enjoy food prepared
in pieces made during class!
Projects Include:
Bread cloche, Serving Board, French Butter Keeper, Jam Ramekins, Butter Dish,
Serving Spoons & Knives.

*prior wheel experience required.

Instructor: Lacie Warden

24hr Pottery’s very own bearded potter extraordinaire Nathan leads the charge into an in depth exploration of the technique and utilization of Sgraffito to enhance and
enrich your ceramic creations.

Throughout the workshop students will create seasonally inspired designs by hand-building plates and platters created using slump and hump molds. Once these forms have been created, students will implement their newly acquired knowledge of Sgraffito which will be used to impart designs and patterns onto their plates and platters.

Instructor: Nathan Himes

This isn’t your Grandmother’s hand-building workshop!
In this session students will join forces with the wildly talented John Masello whose art weaves together the mediums of ceramics, plastics, and fabrics with a vivid splash of color to learn various hand building techniques that will be used throughout the session in the creation of abstract sculptural pieces, with the pottery wheel playing a supporting role. Specific skills taught include throwing off the hump, pinching, coil building, slabs, and extruding. Students will also explore different methods of planning and conceptualizing projects by using paper templates, sketches, and photographs.

Instructor: John Masello

This spring at our Redmond Studio take your skills to the next level and join 24hr Pottery’s democratically elected president of ‘fire club’ Lacie Warden, in an exploration into the exciting world of alternative firings!
This session will be a robust introduction to alternative firing techniques and a required pre-requisite to future Advanced Alt Firing courses. Students will learn what forms are best suited for each of the taught firing processes, as well as spend time creating the forms they learned in class, either through hand-building or on the wheel.
Various surface treatments and firing processes will be covered including:
Glaze Raku, Horsehair, Obvara, Naked Raku, and Barrel Firing.

Instructor: Lacie Warden

Join our resident clay wunderkind Alex Murray this spring at our Bellevue studio for
our Ceramic Sets & Design Session!
Students will learn to create sets of useful and oh so very stylish ceramic creations ranging from PNW coffee sets, sake sets, artist inspired vases, and the classic but ever so challenging tea set. This session will consist of wheel demonstrations on student selected projects and how to best to conceptualize, plan, and execute your sets using measurements, tools, trimming techniques, and glaze theory.

*prior wheel experience required.

Instructor: Alex Murray

Short Seshs:

We are excited to announce the introduction of a new way to explore the world of clay with our focused three-week Short Seshs.

We are convinced that instructor Alex Murray’s cat actually conceived and wrote the lesson plan for this Short Sesh, but despite the best efforts of our private investigator Clayton,
we have been unable to prove this theory.
The name truly says it all, this is three-week Short Sesh focused on the creation of feline centric functional pottery pieces. Over the course of this workshop students will create incredibly cute cat mugs with handles influenced by shape of cat tails, bowls inspired by cats facial features, and cat food dishes that will ensure your cat or cats (no judgement here) don’t experience whisker fatigue during their meals.
This workshop will encompass the creation, trimming, embellishment, and glazing of your one of a kind pottery pieces…meow!
Instructor: Alex Murray

Leave your worries at the door and come enjoy positive vibes, good music, and a supportive community of fellow enthusiasts in this mucho chill beginner friendly
hand-building Short Sesh.
Working alongside the amazing Lacie Warden students will pinch, coil, mold, and of course roll a collection of functional houseware pieces that will uplift and enrich their future
at-home seshs and take their love of the PNW favorite plant to higher levels.
This three-week Sesh will culminate in a snack party and glazing extravaganza, that is sure to satiate even the wildest of munchie cravings!
Projected Projects:
Rolling Trays, Stash Box & Jars, Pipes, Clips, Ashtrays, Smoke Stones, and Supply Displays
*Ages 21+
Instructor: Lacie Warden

Six-Week Session Details:

Workshops meets scheduled date + 5 following weeks at same day of week and time
(this enrollment encompasses all six days)

No prior clay experience necessary

Price includes all required tools, glazes & firing costs.

Cost: $349 for six-weeks

15 hours of instruction/ studio use

Ages 18 and older (unless otherwise noted)

Available for students ages 15 – 17 with an enrolled adult also in attendance.

Short Sesh Details:

Workshops meets scheduled date + 2 following weeks at same day of week and time
(this enrollment encompasses all three days)

No prior clay experience necessary

Price includes all required tools, glazes & firing costs.

Cost: $225 for three-weeks

9 hours of instruction/ studio use

Ages 18 and older (unless otherwise noted)

Makeups: Please do not miss the first class session – there are so many important details shared during the first class. Misses throughout the session can be made up using open studio hours for additional studio worktime, your instructor will
not be present during this time.