How do I sign up for membership?

To begin your membership at SP please select a time to visit the studio and take a studio tour. During the tour we will take you through all our studio properties have to offer and set you up with your chosen membership. We are happy to sign you up with a prorated membership so you can start mid-month or postpone your start date up to 14 days. New members will be expected to pay the first months dues (prorated if mid month start) + a one time $39 supply fee at the time of sign up. You will leave the tour with a member gift and your studio key to start creating!

How do I access the studio?

You will receive a key fob once you have attended a tour and signed up for membership. Your personalized key fob will allow access when scanned at the front door for 24/7 access to Seatown Pottery Green Lake and Capital Hill.

How do I contact studio staff?

The fastest way to get in contact with us is by sending an instant message through your 24hr Pottery app or email

How do I stay up to date on all things Seatown?

Be sure to follow us on social media and join the Seatown Pottery Community Board on Facebook for kiln updates, member collaboration, and studio news.

How do I keep track of hours used each month?

When entering the studio you will run your key fob across the front door to gain access, as you leave don’t forget to also key yourself out of the studio. These two check points provide a running total of your monthly usage. Unused hours from one month can not be rolled over to the following month. You will be able to see your monthly total through your Seatown Pottery app, found in the Apple/Android store under 24hr Pottery.

How do I purchase clay and glazes?

Purchase clay anytime from a selection of Seattle Pottery Supply and Clay Arts Center clay bodies with a touch of a button on your 24hr Pottery phone app. A selection of brush and dip low and mid fire glazes are included with your membership. You are also welcome to bring in your own clay or glazes as long as they are conducive to our kiln temperatures and glazes are AP certified. We do not have venting to allow for member raw glaze mixing on site.

Do I have to be a member of Seatown Pottery to participate in raku firings and specialty workshops?

While SP members will receive first priority to enroll in workshops, all workshops are offered to everyone is our artist community. Come join in the fun!

How often will SP be holding Raku workshops?

Raku firings are offered monthly. More information about getting involved can be found here.

What if I want to bring a non-member into use the space?

Due to our insurance, we are unable to allow non members access to either SP studios except during designated open studio times. Guests are welcome to enroll in workshops or use the Redmond Art Works space for creating with SP members. But non members are never allowed in the space without a staff member present.

Can my children use the space with me?

We love seeing families create together! SP was created as a space for adults and accompanied teens to create independently, so everyone must be at least 18 years old, or 15 + with a family membership.  If you would like to have your children work with you, you can reserve time to visit Redmond Art Works.

How many pieces can I fire per month?

To ensure a 10 day turn around time on firing work, pieces being fired should not exceed 30 pieces in a month for Mainstay members & 20 pieces for Enthusiast members. Refired are also limited to no more than 5 pieces per month. Members are expected to pay kiln fees for anything made or glazed outside of the studio.  Please note, the 24hr Pottery space was not created for full time working artists, if you are a full time artist please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Where do I store my clay and tools?

Green Lake has both lockers for rent at $20 per month as well as cubbies for rent at $15 per month. Due to its smaller footprint Capitol Hill only has cubbies available to rent at $15 per month. This rental fee will be added monthly to your membership fee. Clay and personal tools can not be left on shelves or studio floors, shelving is reserved for in process work only.

What if want to pause my membership for a month?

We are happy to pause your membership and hold your place in the studio for a fee of $19 per month. Requests for membership pause must be sent to by the 25th of the month preceding the month you would like to have the pause take effect. Pausing vs. canceling your membership will guarantee you an available membership when you are ready to return and waive the $39 supply fee.

How do I cancel or modify my membership?
Requests for cancellation or a modification of membership type must be sent to by the 25th of the month preceding when the adjustment or cancellation is to take effect.